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We begin by understanding our customers’ unique needs and challenges. This helps us recommend the most suitable material handling equipment for their operations.

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We offer a wide variety of high-quality material handling equipment. Our knowledgeable sales team guides customers through the selection process, ensuring they make the perfect purchase.

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We ensure timely and safe delivery of the purchased equipment to the customer’s location.

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We provide comprehensive training to the customer’s staff to ensure they can operate the equipment safely and efficiently.

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After-sales Support

We offer robust after-sales support, including maintenance and repair services, to ensure the equipment continues to operate at peak performance.

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Direct Access

It provides direct access to every pallet in storage, making it ideal for operations with a high number of SKU counts requiring quick product accessibility.

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This system is ideal for high-capacity operations with many product types or variations.

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Maximized Space Usage

Selective pallet racking maximizes the use of vertical space to help improve rack management.

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Selective Racking Systems

There are two primary types of selective pallet rack systems: Single Deep Selective Pallet Racks and Double Deep Pallet Racks.

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The variety of accessories and configurations available allows you to adapt the racking to any type of load, both in terms of weight and volume.

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They offer a more affordable solution, freeing up your budget for other business enhancements.

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These systems are often simpler to assemble, saving you time and effort.

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Choosing used systems contributes to environmental sustainability by extending the life of existing materials and reducing waste.

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Drive-in racking systems can be placed against a wall or a corner to maximize space in your warehouse. If your needs change, a drive-in system can be converted into a drive-through system.

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Types of Drive-In Racking

There are two primary types of drive-in racking systems: Single Entry and Double Entry.

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Safety Netting

One essential accessory is the pallet rack safety netting, designed to prevent products from falling off the racks, ensuring a safe working environment.

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Dividers and Decking

To maximize storage space, many warehouses utilize pallet rack dividers and decking accessories.

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Drum Cradles and Coil Cradles

Pallet racking accessories are also designed to accommodate specific types of goods.

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Structural Pallet Racking

Structural Pallet racking is a high-capacity form of standard selective pallet racking. This style has a significant increase in capacity and longevity due to its very rigid design!

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Galvanized Structural Racking

Galvanized Structural Racking is popular in the food and beverage where temperatures are extreme i.e. coolers/freezers!

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Efficient Installation

The crews work fast and efficiently to install a variety of pallet racking systems, custom fit to the required area.

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Space Optimization

By properly installing the racking system, the crews help businesses make better use of their vertical space, which can significantly increase storage density.

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The crews are skilled in installing various types of racking systems, allowing businesses to choose the most suitable system for their specific needs.

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Dismantling & Reconfiguration

The crews can also dismantle and reconfigure the racking system as per the changing needs of the business.

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Proper installation and dismantling by professional crews ensure the safety of the warehouse staff.

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By optimizing the storage space and improving the efficiency of warehouse operations, the crews help businesses lower their total cost of ownership.

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Carton Flow

Carton flow is a condensed storage system, utilizing the last in first-out method. Preferably for hand-picked materials of smaller product size.

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Custom Racking

From Die Racks to unique designs and layouts MTR with our wide connections of in house and third-party engineers, MTR can easily provide special applications for our customers!

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Our clients

have a lot to say about us:

I have worked with the associates at Pallet Racking and Installations for 15+ years on all of our rack installs. Best rack service in Nashville, you won’t be disappointed on your next rack install and purchase. Their team have handled rack projects both large and small for us. Beware the out of town crews and go with a team that is local. I will continue to use Middle Tennessee Rack for all of our racking needs.

Rob Brown, Expeditors

Manager | Distribution, Transcon

We have been using Pallet Racking and Installations for all our racking needs and they have always delivered professional and outstanding service. Their team of young and hard-working installers constantly exceeds our expectations. We would highly recommend anyone needing racks for their warehouse to call PRI.

Guillermo Vulcano

Vice President of Business Operations | Cooper General Global Services

I sold a building and needed pallet racks removed quickly. Pallet Racking and Installations crew came in and dismantled on very short notice. Several months later the crew came in and set these up in a different warehouse. Once again, they did an outstanding job.

I would highly recommend PRI.

Garry McClanahan

Vice President | IMG Retail

Pallet Racking and Installations has performed excellent service for Feintool for many years now. The level of service and professionalism is top notch. Jacob and his installation crew along with Tony running the operations makes a great team for Middle Tennessee Rack.

Feintool recommends Pallet Racking and Installations to any company with racking needs, you’ll be glad you did!

Dustin Mitchell

Materials/Shipping & Receiving Manager | Feintool

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